The Fresh Squeeze StoryAaryn Melnikoff and Justin Bowden dreamed up The Fresh Squeeze in a break room at work in Birmingham, Alabama. Tired of the hamster wheel of paying bills month to month, cubicles and Monday mornings, they set out to find a way to live their passions on a daily basis. They chose to begin living life without regrets. Aaryn was exposed to raw juice out in California visiting family and Justin had experience managing The Old Florida Fish House. Their mutual belief in local produce, raw juice and sustainability made The Fresh Squeeze a natural way to unite their passions. They had very little startup money and faced humble beginnings. So, they launched the Fresh Squeeze by selling their raw juice at the Pepper Place Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings out of an old renovated trailer. Lots of growing pains and working two jobs took their toll but they kept hand making raw juice. Eventually, Aaryn and Justin scraped up enough money to buy a cold press juicer and they began bottling their raw juice. They met local farmers and sourced local produce. They made seasonal recipes and came up with more recipes using healthy ingredients. People really seemed to enjoy the juice and the benefits of its nutrition. So, they recruited Aaryn's brother, Win to help make enough juice for the growing demand.

Now, Aaryn and Justin are opening a brand new juice bar in Downtown Birmingham, Alabama to spread raw juice even further! There will even be a greenhouse on the roof to supply the freshest and most sustainable produce for the juice!!

This is a story of how absolute dedication to a belief and undying passion can overcome all odds and obstacles. We believe good health should be shared and the earth is worth sustaining.